Identity and Style Guide

Identity Guide refers to the images the College offers to the public through its typefaces, logos and colors, and the applications of such on business cards, stationery, decals and more. It is the visual representation of the College's most important symbols and marks. This guide will outline various elements of the college's graphic identity for a number of purposes. Use of any of the elements in a manner inconsistent with what is specified herein is not authorized without prior approval from the Office of Development & External Affairs. These guidelines may be revised as deemed necessary.

The College's Name

Acceptable uses for referring to the college in printed materials include:

  • Atlanta Metropolitan State College
  • Atlanta Metro


The first reference in any written document should always be: Atlanta Metropolitan State College. Second or subsequent references to the institution may be written as Atlanta Metro, or as AMSC, as long as the initials have been inserted as (AMSC) in an earlier reference.

The Official Seal

The seal is the college's most formal symbol. The official Atlanta Metropolitan State College seal is a modification of the State of Georgia seal. The official seal is not interchangeable with the university logo. Because use of the official seal implies official sanction by the university and/or the president of the university, it should be used only on formal and official institutional documents, such as diplomas and proclamations. As the legal signature of Atlanta Metropolitan State College, this symbol must not be altered in any way. Its use should be reserved for the most formal purposes that have been given specific sanction by the President, and/or for events, publications and correspondence that are produced on behalf of the President.

Acceptable examples include commencement programs, memorandums of agreement/understanding, transcripts/diplomas and official documents produced by the Registrar's Office. It may be reproduced in red/black, black/white or a single color (black or red) according to the occasion and use. The seal should not be used on routine correspondence or where the standard logo is sufficient. It should not be used on clothing. It should not be used on the web site. It may be used, with discretion, on selected merchandise sold through the bookstore. (See licensing, apparel/souvenirs sections.) Any proposed uses of the seal that vary from what is prescribed here must be approved in advance by the Office of Development & External Affairs.

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