eCore, the University System of Georgia's electronic core curriculum, offers students the opportunity to complete undergraduate, general educational requirements online through accredited colleges and universities. Developed and maintained by dedicated instructional and web design professionals and committed faculty, each course is consistent in both design and accessibility standards and taught by professors hand selected from USG institutions.

eCore is not a formal degree program but is a convenient and adaptable option for either getting started in college or for resuming college after a break or pause. The core curriculum primarily consists of courses required during the first two years of college for a given degree. Not all core curriculum classes are available via eCore; you may need to take some core classes in a traditional classroom setting.

Introduction to eCore

Take the required Introduction Quiz before registering for an eMajor course. The quiz will take approximately 15 minutes to complete and is required prior to registering for an eMajor class. You must know your affiliate student ID number as well as your campus email address to complete the quiz.

Sharon R. Duhart
eCore Campus Liaison
Director, The Center for Academic Advising & Student Success (CAAS)