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Open Records


Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) is dedicated to the principle of open government and complies fully with the Georgia Open Records Act.

Exemptions to the Open Records Act - Section 50-18-72 provides exemptions to the Open Records Act. These exemptions are primarily in the areas of proprietary information and individual privacy. Please note the following two areas of exemption, in particular with respect to institutions of higher education, 50-18-72 (35) (36):

50-18-72 (35) - Data, records, or information of a proprietary nature, produced or collected by or for faculty, staff of state institutions of higher learning, or other governmental agencies, in the conduct of, or as a result of, study or research on commercial, scientific, technical, or scholarly issues, whether sponsored by the institution alone or in conjunction with a governmental body or private concern, where such data, records, or information has not been publicly released, published, copyrighted, or patented.

50-18-72 (36) - Any data, records, or information developed, collected, or received by or on behalf of faculty, staff, employees, or students of an institution of higher education or any public or private entity supporting or participating in the activities of an institution of higher education in the conduct of, or as a result of, study or research on medical, scientific, technical, scholarly, or aristic issues, whether sponsored, by the institution alone or in conjuction with a governmental body or private entry, until such information is published, patented, otherwise publicly disseminated, or released to an agency whereupon the request must be made to the agency. This paragraph shall apply to, but shall not be limited to information provided by participants in research, research notes and data, discoveries, research projects, methodologies, protocols, and creative works...


To attain full transparency and cooperation between Atlanta Metropolitan State College and the public.


Requests for public information regarding the records of Atlanta Metropolitan State College should be directed in writing to the Office of Human Resources at the following address:

Office of Human Resources
Atlanta Metropolitan State College
1630 Metropolitan Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30310
404-756-4047 (Office)
404-756-4777 (Fax)