Strategic Goal Two - Enrollment Growth
Increase new student recruitment and retain continuing/returning Students


Enrollment impacts all aspects of an institution. It drives, for example, the size of programs, number and size of buildings. budget revenue, number of faculty and staff, and the frequency of class offering. Stable and continuous enrollment growth is a vote of confidence by the general public that an institution is providing student choices, meeting economic demand, and is responsive to the needs of the community. AMSC must, therefore, sustain strong student enrollment to maintain and grow its programs and services.

The College recognizes the importance of comprehensive and robust enrollment strategies, effective data analytics and enrollment planning tools, and highly trained enrollment staff who focuses on both student recruitment and student retention. As an access institution of the University System of Georgia, AMSC must target the enrollment of a diverse audience of students at various levels of college readiness, age categories, and diverse backgrounds. The College must establish solid reliable enrollment pathways from various sectors of the community to sustain enrollment continuity and long-term growth.


Key Performance Indicators/Metrics

I. Implement the AMSC Enrollment Plan (CEP) CEP Metrics
I. Sustain new freshman growth by targeting diverse pipelines, including adult learners (1) New Applications; (2) Application Ratings; (3) Acceptance Rate; (4) Conversion Rate; (5) Yield; (6) Market Share; (7) Recruitment Dashboard Metrics
II. Develop/Implement comprehensive student marketing recruitment strategies ((1) Telephone Inquiries; (2) Web hits; (3) Survey Response Rates (College Awareness Targeted Questions); (4) Google Analytics Tracking
III. Spark student engagement by employing various intervention strategies such as: (1) "Summer Melt" and "Stop Out", (2) GPA Funding, (3) Summer Marketing and Outreach, (5) actualizing effective customer services initiatives (1) CCSSE Survey; (2) Campus Climate
IV. Increase continuing/returning students' retention by (1) incentivizing early student registration and payments (2) providing GAP funding, (3) providing emergency financial assistance, and (4) providing institutional scholarships to defray educational cost of low-income families, (5) Financial Aid literacy Workshops (1) Semester-to-Semester Retention Rates; Pre-registered Students' Number & Percentage (Per Semester); Transfer-out/Transfer-in Rate; Financial Aid Default Rate; SAP Status
V. Develop/Implement robust analytics data tools to guide institutional enrollment/retention strategies Analytics Model Scores
VI. Implement interventions that support the success and re-enrollment of Dual Enrollment (DE) students (1) Number/Percent Re-enrollment of DE Students;(2) DE GPAs; and (3) Course Success Rates

Major Projects/Initiatives

  • The AMSC Enrollment Plan
  • New Freshman Orientation
  • Partnerships/Collaboratives (i.e. Trellis)
  • Data Analytics