Atlanta Metropolitan State College

About AMSC

Strategic Goal Two - Mission and Function
Develop/Implement Programs/Services Consistent with Category I State Colleges


The College must meet, preferably exceed, the expectations that the public, USG, and SACS have set for its programs and services. These expectations of Atlanta Metro are consistent with the College’s recent level 1 to level 2 SACS change and its 2-Year Category I State College sector change by the Board of Regents. The College must therefore realign its programs and services with other USG peer institutions within the Category 1 State sector. This realignment will ensure that AMSC’s programs, services, benchmarks, and targets are, at a minimum, competitive with its peer institutions.


  1. Grow and balance quality bachelor’s, associate’s, and certificate academic programs with qualified faculty and academic support staff, comparable to those of other Category I State Colleges
  2. Provide student services and experiences consistent with the mission and function of Category I State Colleges
  3. Realign the College’s policies, procedures, programs, and services with its mission and function
  4. Establish student and academic support services for Bachelor’s programs to those comparable to those of peer Category I State Colleges
  5. Grow targeted and balanced partnerships/collaborations that specifically address the College’s workforce development, student support, African-American male initiatives, and enrollment pipeline needs.
  6. Implement services and programs that ensure public satisfaction.
  7. Increase diversity of the College’s employees, students, and other stakeholders.

Key Performance Indicators

(1) Academic Performance of Students in Junior Year Classes (transfer and AMSC Bachelor's Programs), (2) Graduate's Satisfaction with Programs/Services, (3) Public Satisfaction with Program Offerings and College Services; and (4) Market Share of Traditional and Non-traditional (with and without learning support requirements)