The School of Science and Health Professions

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The School of Science and Health Professions School (SHP) is committed to increasing the number of students, including underrepresented minorities, in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The School promotes the development of the critical thinking, computational, and communication skills of its students.

Accordingly, instruction is provided in various formats to accommodate varied learning styles. Instructional technologies, including graphics, computer-based instruction, online courses, multimedia, and audio-visual technology, are used to enhance teaching and learning. Hands-on activities and interactive learning/computing are an integral part of laboratory instruction.

SHP sponsors early intervention/pre-college and bridge programs for the purpose of attracting and preparing young scholars for STEM and health professional careers. The School puts emphasis on undergraduate research and its baccalaureate program in biological science is a research-based curriculum.

SHP offers a full array of STEM and health profession programs. Please review the left menu for more details on a particular program. Transfer programs are designed to prepare students for matriculation into the AMSC biological science 4-year program or to transfer to a senior college or research university for professional school in medicine, pharmacy, or dentistry.

Mission Statement

The School of Science and Health Professions seeks to prepare traditional and non-traditional students to complete associate and bachelor degrees, as well as transfer programs in science, mathematics and health professions related careers. Programs provide measurable, theoretical, and practical learning experiences which enable students to understand, analyze, and interpret scientific and mathematical concepts, principles, and methods. STEMlink

Contact Information

Dr. Mark A. Cunningham
Interim Dean, School of Science and Health Professionsf the School of Science and Health Professions
Location: McMillan Academic Sciences Building, Room 219
Phone: 404-756-4025
Office: 678-623-1256

Programs of Study

Bachelor's Programs

Biological Science (B.S.)

Associate's Program

  • Biological Sciences (ASCC Pathway)
  • Engineering Transfer (ASCC Pathway)
  • Health Sciences Transfer (ASCC Pathway)


Forensic Chemistry