Atlanta Metropolitan State College

The AMC Foundation

About the Foundation...

The Atlanta Metropolitan College Foundation, Inc. is a Georgia non-profit corporation with the expressed purpose of receiving, investing, and administering private support for Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC). A board of directors comprised of community, civic, corporate leaders and college administrators provide guidance for investing and managing charitable gifts to maximize the gift's value to the College.

The AMC Foundation, Inc., a non-profit Tax exempt Corporation, is organized under the laws of the state of Georgia and section 501 C (3) of the Internal Revenue code of 1986 as amended, and serves as the principal fundraising organization for the receipt and management of all private gifts and contributions to and on behalf of Atlanta Metropolitan State College.

The Foundation operates for the express purpose of supporting Atlanta Metropolitan State College in fundraising, external friend building, establishing and building an endowment, and in addressing the academic priorities of the institution, while understanding and supporting AMSC's mission, goals, and priorities.

The "Mission" of the Foundation is to support and enhance the College by encouraging charitable gifts from community, corporate, foundation, alumni, and friends leading to academic programs of excellence. This margin of excellence allows the college to build upon a growing reputation of quality and value beyond the traditional resources provided by state appropriations or student tuition and fees.

The Foundation serves as the college's gift receiving office for donors who wish to make charitable gifts to the Foundation on behalf of AMSC. For that reason, all checks, deeds, and negotiable instruments should be made payable to the AMC Foundation, Inc. The Foundation on behalf of Atlanta Metropolitan State College will provide a gift receipt suitable for tax purposes acknowledging each donor's gift.

On behalf of Atlanta Metropolitan State College and the Atlanta Metropolitan College Foundation, Inc., "Thank You" for your continued support for the deserving students that attend this great institution.

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