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The African American Male Institute Recognizes Mrs. Sharon Duhart

Sharon Duhart, Director Center for Academic Advising & Student Success - Director Aftican-American Male Initiative As we begin the new academic year, The African American Male Institute Recognizes Mrs. Sharon Duhart as one of the two longest serving AAMI Directors.

If you check the AAMI archives, you will find that Sharon R. Duhart has been a part of the program since inception. She has seen a lot of changes from her position as Director of the Center for Academic Advising & Student Success, Program Director of the African-American Male Initiative, and Adjunct Instructor in School of Social Sciences at Atlanta Metropolitan State College.

Additionally, Mrs. Duhart is the Founder and Program Director of the Trailblazer Student Institute (TSI) at AMSC. TSI is a twelve-month academic and peer-enrichment program that helps students adjust academically and socially to college life by removing the barriers of developmental courses and providing year-long peer-mentors coupled with academic support for students as they matriculate. Lastly, she is the Founder and Advisor to S.H.O.E.S. (Stepping High on Empowerment for Sisterhood) and Lead Advisor for B-2-B (Brother-2-Brother); both active registered student organizations at AMSC and throughout the college community.

Mrs. Duhart is a member of the NACADA (the global community for academic advising) and CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association), NADE (National Association for Development Education), and various AMSC and State Higher Education committees.

She believes that identifying the economic realities, political climates, societal needs, and citizen expectations of men of color in metropolitan environments is critical when preparing them for success. Mrs. Duhart promotes qualitative in addition to quantitative results-based best practices when developing and evaluating programs in the inner-city with a focus on the social processes that are usually missed due to traditional quantitative metrics.

Spiritually, she is a licensed Missionary and Deaconess and has traveled across the globe spreading the "Good News" in the United States and internationally to Israel, Jordan, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Greece, Turkey, London, Holland, Bahamas, and beyond.

Her personal motto is "DU good with HART.""

Please join the USG AAMI Leadership Team in thanking Mrs. Duhart for her dedication and a job well-done.

AMSC Teacher Education Student Selected for Internship

Bianca Bradford, a teacher education student at Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC)Bianca Bradford, a teacher education student at Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC), has been selected for the Global Communities Internship Program (GCIP). The internship program is a project of the Atlanta Global Research and Education Collaborative. The program's goals include connecting diverse communities and cultures, global leaders, intercultural communicators, community builders, and "global" citizens via internships at Clarkston-based organizations during summer 2021. Bianca was selected by a team of professionals led by Georgia Tech's Service Learning and Partnerships Specialist Ruth Yow.

As a GCIP intern, Bianca will receive a stipend to serve children via Clarkston Community Center's (CCC) summer programs. She will also support CCC's other programs, which are aimed at helping refugees, immigrants, and new­Americans in metro Atlanta.

Bianca will additionally participate in a weekly Internship Seminar Program hosted by Georgia Tech's Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain (SLS). The program is designed to connect participants to small groups of interns working on similar projects in global leadership and education as well as to larger groups of students engaged in a broad range of SLS internships related to equity, sustainability, and social innovation. The program is themed around the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

GCIP provides participants with professional development, a sense of community, valuable learning experiences, and exposure to other people, internships, and organizations related to their interests. For information on GCIP or similar partnership programs in AMSC's School of Social Sciences and Humanities, contact:

Kenja McCray, PhD
Associate Professor of History
Environmental Justice Academy Program Coordinator

2021 Georgia Regional & International Awards PHI THETA KAPPA Honor Society

2021 Georgia Regional & International Awards PHI THETA KAPPA Honor Society

2021 Georgia Regional & International Awards PHI THETA KAPPA Honor Society Beta Beta Tau Chapter

Dr. Kenja McCray

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