JED Campus

AMSC is a JED Campus, which is a signature program of The Jed Foundation (JED) designed to guide schools through a collaborative process of comprehensive systems, program and policy development with customized support to build upon existing student mental health, substance use and suicide prevention efforts.

  • JED Campus Landing Page: JED Campuses embark on a strategic partnership with JED that not only assesses and enhances the work that is already being done, but helps to create positive, systemic change in the campus community. Information regarding the process of JED Campus and its focus can also be found here. To learn more about the JED Campus program and how it can benefit you, click HERE.
  • Help-Seeking Behaviors Assistance: This portion of JED Campus serves as an Emotional Health Campaign for all students to receive the guidance and assistance needed to successfully complete your semesters here at AMSC! We are working to break the stigma of seeking help for mental health. To learn more about resources that could help you or a person close to you, visit our "Seize The Awkward Emotional" Health Campaign HERE.
  • Social Connectedness:Staying connected with your peers and fellow students here at AMSC is now more important than ever, given the pandemic we are all facing currently. Want to stay connected with your colleagues virtually? Join our TrailBlazer CONNECT call HERE to meet with any other student virtually. The TrailBlazer Connect Call is open every day 12:00pm-6:00pm.
  • Identifying Students At Risk: Searching for an online resource for college mental health? ULifeline serves as a platform that provides information on mental disorders, psychoeducation, how to help a friend in need, and also resources for seeking help. This platform is 100% anonymous and confidential. To access our ULifeline site click HERE.
  • Crisis Management: We are here to assist all students with any circumstances the pandemic has created. It is important to stay up to date with all information regarding society today in the midst of unforeseen times. JED Campus provides a COVID-19 Resource Guide for all students in effort to support the campus community during this period of remote learning. To access the COVID-19 Resource Guide, click HERE.