Student Government

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Executive Officers

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary


To represent the student body of Atlanta Metropolitan State College fairly without preference or bias by providing open forums for the expression of student views, concerns, and interests.


The SGA seeks to provide a means for responsible and meaningful student participation in campus governance, maintain academic freedom, academic responsibility, and student rights, serve as a liaison between students and administrators, promote leadership and professionalism among students, and represent and legislate the interests of the student body.


  1. To Promote Academic Success and Awareness among the student body
  2. To Promote a “Student-Friendly” Student Center that Serves as a Hub for Student Involvement
  3. To Improve Library Resources and Efficiency for AMSC Students
  4. To Collaborate with the Office of Academic Affairs to Promote Research and Grantsmanship in ALL Academic Divisions
  5. To Promote the AMSC Student Commission as well as its Goals, Initiatives, and Services
  6. To Collaborate with the Office of Student Activities to Increase Advisor Support for Clubs and Organizations
  7. To Raise Cultural Awareness and Promote Cultural Diversity
  8. To Promote the Accommodation of AMSC Students in the Products and Services Offered in the Cafeteria
  9. To Promote Student Commission Access, Involvement, and Professionalism

Events and Announcements

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month
Time: 12:00 noon
Location: Student Center, Conference Room B

Applications for Student Government Members may be obtained in the Office of Student Activities, Student Center, Room 213 or the Student Government Office, Student Center, Room 210.

For additional information, please visit or contact us.

Student Center
Room 210
(404) 756-4905