Transient Students

Federal regulations stipulate that a student cannot receive federal aid (Pell and Direct Student Loans) at more than one institution within the same semester/quarter.

  1. Atlanta Metropolitan State College students must complete the Consortium Agreement Form (see AMSC forms page) and submit to the Financial Aid Office at the "host" (school attending as transient student) school. In addition, AMSC students must submit a copy of the approved "Transient Approval Letter" from the Registrar's Office. Students will be required to pay for classes at the host school.
    1. Once the host school returns the Consortium Agreement, federal aid will be awarded, processed, and disbursed by AMSC.
    2. AMSC students must be prepared to pay all registered courses at the Host school at the time of registration. Any eligible refunds will be processed during the regular refund cycle at AMSC.

  2. Students attending Atlanta Metropolitan State College as "transient" must submit a "consortium agreement" from your "home school" to AMSC Financial Aid Office. Students must be registered for classes before the agreement form is completed and sent to the "home school". Generally transient students are not eligible for Federal student aid from AMSC. However, a transient student, who is a HOPE scholar, may be eligible. A transient student is limited to a combined 15 hours from both institutions to receive funds.
    1. A separate HOPE transient agreement will be completed by the "home" school for students who are eligible for HOPE scholarship. Contact the Financial Aid Office at your home institution for assistance.
    2. AMSC will complete and return the consortium agreement to the student’s home school. The home school will be responsible for awarding any federal aid the student is eligible to receive at the home school. AMSC will not award and disburse funds for the student.
    3. The home school will be responsible for processing any eligible refunds during its regular refund cycle. Visiting students to AMSC must be prepared to pay for all registered courses at the time of registration. Contact the financial aid office at the home school for assistance.