Atlanta Metropolitan State College

About AMSC

Strategic Goal One - Student Success
Increase Student Retention, Progression, and Graduation


Atlanta Metropolitan State College must adapt its programs and services to the retention, progression, and graduation (RPG) paradigm shift requirements at the state and national levels. Enrollment is no longer a primary metric for evaluating USG access institutions; completion is the new norm. The statewide Complete College Georgia initiative also evaluates institutions based primarily on RPG. Starting FY 2015, the USG funding formula will be predominately based on RPG, with an emphasis on completion. Collectively, these external requirements form the basis for an emphasis on RPG.


  1. Identify student needs and develop relevant interventions to increase retention and graduation rates to national averages
  2. Implement strategies that remove barriers and impediments to student progression and increase pass rates in learning support and gateway classes
  3. Restructure the College’s programs, services, and job descriptions to address current student academic needs
  4. Implement intervention strategies that reduce the number of students requiring Learning support and the time students spend in learning support classes

Key Performance Indicators

(1) Graduation Rate, (2) Retention Rate, (3) Program Productivity - number of degrees awarded for associate's and bachelor's programs annually, (4) undergraduate students who reached or passed 15, 30, 60 or 90 cumulative credit hours at the end of the academic year, Core Completion, transfer out with 12 or more credit, by the next fiscal year