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Stay connected with Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) and your co-retirees as you enjoy the wonderful life of retirement. The Atlanta Metropolitan State College Retirees Association (AMSCRA) makes these connections possible. AMSCRA not only keeps retirees up-to-date on retirement benefits, but it also provides opportunities for retirees to stay active in the community (at your own pace), and stay connected with life-long colleagues and friends to share, rest, relax and enjoy life..

Please feel free to join in on AMSCRA exciting activities throughout the year. The objective is to provide a platform and communication network for retirees. AMSCRA meetings and activities cover a range of topics that are relevant to the needs of AMSC retirees. AMSCRA also plans enriching and entertainment activities throughout the year. AMSCRA is an officially recognized organization of the College and of the University System of Georgia, thus AMSCRA members enjoy all the benefits of a college campus that retirees are accustom. Please click the links to the right for more information about AMSCRA.

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