Strategic Goal Five - Brand Positioning
Establish a strong brand identity and clarify the Institutional Public Focus ('Niche')


Whether perception or reality, the brand is a consequence of how the public evaluates the quality of programs and services of an institution. And, how the public recognizes an institution determines the level of trust and the extent of patronage it affords that institution. Thus, brand position is essential to the success of AMSC. The College must take the necessary steps to establish and maintain a solid brand that it and the community is proud to associate and support. In addition, the College must maintain high customer service and customer satisfaction with its students, visitors, and all stakeholders to build a solid and strong brand. The College must continually evaluate its position with students, the public, and other stakeholders to ensure their positive perception and evaluation. AMSC must always maintain integrity, reliability, loyalty, responsiveness, and clear communication to earn the trust of its patrons.


Key Performance Indicators/Metrics

I. Develop and implement effective advertising and marketing strategies that communicates the Colleges mission, programs, values, and services (1) Indirect Assessments of the public and Stakeholders, (2) Value Added Survey Contributions to the Community,(3) Economic Impact; and (4) Website Analytics
II. Implement effective customer service and total positive experiences for students, partners, potential stakeholders (1) Customer Service Survey (Stakeholder and Visitors’) (2) Secret Shopper Reviews; and (3) Graduates’ Perception and Ratings Survey
III. Engage and partner with key metro-Atlanta businesses, corporations, non-profits, and faith-based institutions (1) Economic Impact; (2) Partnership Survey/Interviews; (3) Internship Surveys (Student and Internship Hosts)
IV. Develop community and civic engagement program to increase public benefit, trust, and confidence in the institution (1) Community Surveys/Feedback, (2) Interviews, (3) Community and Civic Engagement Program Metrics

Major Projects/Initiatives

  • Consultant Engagement/Reviews
  • High Level Partnerships (e.g. Chambers, Secondary School Systems)
  • "Connecting the College to the Community" Project
  • Community/Civic Student Engagement Program