Atlanta Metropolitan State College


Academic Advising Checklist

Preparing for Your First Academic Advising Session

Prepare to see your faculty advisor by following the procedure below. This will help you and your advisor to have a productive advisement conference.

Gather relevant decision-making information

- Read the AMSC Catalog
- Visit web sites of potential transfer institutions for catalog information
- Define your career goals and select your Course of Study
- Obtain a copy of class schedule from admissions
- Check with Financial Aid if you expect to receive grants, loans, and/ or scholarships. You must re-apply for financial aid each new school year.

Familiarize yourself with policies, procedures, and requirements.

- Make an appointment with Academic Advisement for general questions
- Familiarize yourself with the Semester Core Curriculum (areas A-F in catalog)

Sign Up

Make an appointment with your academic advisor prior to the early registration or regular registration dates.

Prepare for your meeting with your Academic Advisor

- Use a degree plan worksheet
- Choose alternative course selections in case times or courses are not available when you register
- Write down specific questions
- Bring all necessary materials (list of courses, tentative schedule, pen, paper)
- Be on time


Follow through on any referrals suggested by your academic advisor.