Thank you for your interest in scholarships at Atlanta Metropolitan State College!

Students who have applied and been accepted to Atlanta Metropolitan State College may be eligible for scholarship opportunities from Atlanta Metropolitan College Foundation, Inc., or other private and public scholarship programs.

AMSC is proud to offer a variety of scholarship options, thanks to the generosity of our scholarship donors, who understand the value a scholarship represents in making college affordable and equipping students to achieve their goals.

At the direction of the donors, scholarship awards may be based on exclusive donor selection, financial need-base, academic merit, or a combination of all factors.

Students who may benefit from need-based scholarships should also consider completing the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid (FAFSA) since data from the FAFSA is used to verify eligibility for need-based financial scholarships.

Listing of All Scholarship Opportunities

Below you will find a listing of AMSC scholarships, along with other private and public scholarship programs available to students.

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