Prior Learning Assessment Student Handbook

PLA Policies of Atlanta Metropolitan College

  1. Courses covered by CLEP, Departmental Examination, and DANTES assessment methods of earning credit will not be eligible for credit through the portfolio process.
  2. A student may obtain a total of 20 credit hours through a combination of CLEP, DANTES, Credit-By-Examination, and portfolio assessment.
  3. All students who successfully complete PLA courses will receive a "K" grade with appropriate number of credit hours.
  4. Students are required to complete PLAD 2000 Prior Learning Documentation Course in preparation for developing portfolio(s) for credit evaluation, preferably prior to their last semester.
  5. Prospective students who meet the following criteria are eligible to participate in PLA: (1) Adults, (2) Non-traditional Student (at least 25 years old), and (3) other demonstrable learning experience outside a traditional college curriculum.

PLA Grade Appeal Process

If a student wants to appeal the grade awarded for a PLA course, the student has the right to appeal the grade. The appeal process must be initiated within one semester (fall, spring, summer) immediately following the semester in which the grade was assigned. The students must take the following steps: These steps are also outlined in the College Catalog under Grade Appeal Process.

Step 1. Within the first semester immediately following the assignment of a final grade, the student who wishes to appeal the grade must meet with the assessor virtually or face to face. At this meeting, the student and assessor must make every effort to resolve the disagreement and arrive at a mutual consensus. Note: If the assessor is not on campus, the appropriate Division Dean (DD) will contact the assessor.

Step 2. If, after Step 1, a student wishes to further pursue a change of grade, the student must make a written appeal to the appropriate Division Dean within twenty working days of the meeting with the assessor. Supporting documentation should be attached.

Step 3. The DD may meet with the student and assessor individually or jointly to review the student’s appeal and to review any materials needed to form an objective decision and discuss options for resolution.

Step 4. The DD will make a decision and submit that decision in writing to the assessor and student within ten (10) working days.

Step 5. If the student wishes to further appeal the decision of the DD, he or she may seek redress from the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The VPAA will review the student’s original written appeal, supporting documentation and the decision of the DD before rendering a decision.

Step 6. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will provide a written decision to the student within ten days.

Step 7. If, after Step 6, the student still wishes to appeal his or her grade, the student has ten (10) working days in which to make a written appeal to the President. The judgment of the President will be considered the final and binding decision on the matter.