Atlanta Metropolitan State College


Student Loans

As of Fall 2010, Atlanta Metropolitan State College participates in the William D. Ford Federal Direct Student Loan Program. Click here to read and understand more about Direct Loans.

What is a Student Loan?
A Student Loan, or Stafford Loan, is a debt that you borrow to assist with completing your college education. This is a type of financial aid that must be repaid. If you choose to not repay any Student Loan that you borrow, it could go into default. Student Loan default has serious negative consequences on you, the borrower, and the institution you borrowed the debt from.

Stafford Loan Limits (Subsidized and Unsubsidized)
Students may borrow up to the following SUBSIDIZED loan amounts:

  • Freshman - $3500.00 (has earned 0-29 credit hours)
  • Sophomore - $4500.00 (earned at least 30 credit hours)

In addition, students may borrow an unsubsidized loan. If you borrow unsubsidized loan, interest accrues (interest IS NOT paid for you; you must repay the debt you borrow and the interest). Students may choose to pay the interest or request to have interest and principal deferred until the student is no longer enrolled in school or ceases to attend half-time (6 credit hours).

Students may borrow up to the following UNSUBSIDIZED loan amounts:
Dependent Students:

  • Freshman- $2000
  • Sophomore- $2000

Independent Students:

  • Freshman- $6000
  • Sophomore- $6000

Student Loan Borrowing Process

Returning Student Loan borrowers must complete and submit the following to borrow loans at Atlanta Metropolitan College:

  • Student Loan Request Form
  • Repayment Plan Form
  • Student Loan Repayment Chart

New Student Loan borrowers must complete and submit the following to borrow loans at Atlanta Metropolitan College.

  • Student Loan Request Form
  • Master Promissory Note (MPN)
  • Entrance Loan Counseling

To complete the MPN and Entrance Loan Counseling, go to (You will need your Federal Student PIN):

  • Master Promissory Note (MPN) - First time loan borrowers are required to complete a MPN. This is a legal document you e-sign in which you promise to repay your loan(s) and any accrued interest and fees to the U.S. Department of Education. After you complete your MPN, ONLY print the 1st page.
  • Entrance Loan Counseling - First time loan borrowers are required to complete Entrance Counseling; this helps you understand your rights and responsibilities of borrowing loans. All of your rights and responsibilities are outlined in the Master Promissory Note (MPN) that you e-sign. After you complete Entrance Loan Counseling, print the confirmation page.

Loan funds are sent to Atlanta Metropolitan State College electronically and then disbursed to the student’s account. The funds are used to pay the student’s bill (tuition and fees). If there are funds remaining after the bill has been paid in full, the student will be eligible for a refund. Refunds are processed in the Business Office.

Parent PLUS Loans
Federal PLUS Loans are available to parents of dependent students who are enrolled at least half-time (6 or more credits). The parent borrows the funds and must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
  • Have a valid Social Security number
  • Not be in default on a federal student loan
  • Pass a credit check

The Financial Aid Office will assist parents in determining the amount of PLUS Loan they can borrow for their student. Click here to access the Parent PLUS Request Form.