DegreeWorks for Faculty/Academic Advisors

DegreeWorks will be launched for the following groups of students in Spring 2013:

  • Students who entered AMSC in Fall 2007 or
  • Students who have a catalog year in Banner equal to Fall 2007 or later

Important Notes

  • Faculty/Academic Advisors can access DegreeWorks through the Student Portal.
  • DegreeWorks will not be available to students who have a catalog year in Banner prior to Fall 2007.
  • The catalog year determines which catalog/degree requirements students follow to obtain a degree. If a student with an earlier catalog year is willing to follow all the requirements for their degree in the Fall 2008 or later, they may opt to update their catalog year to Fall 2007 or later. Students and/or Advisors may update the catalog year to Fall 2007 or later by submitting a "Change Catalog Year" form to the Registrar’s Office. This form requires approval from the academic advisor and is located on the Registrar's website under Forms.
  • The degree compliance audits produced by DegreeWorks are dependent on a student’s major/concentration. Data is extracted on a nightly basis from Banner into DegreeWorks. Any changes submitted to Degree Program Information (majors/concentrations) or a student’s catalog year will not be reflected in DegreeWorks until 24-48 hours after submission.
  • To produce a degree compliance report in DegreeWorks for students who have an undeclared major, use the “What If" option and select an intended major and concentration, if applicable.

Need Assistance? Have Questions? Review the FAQ and Instructional Videos (below) or the instructions available under the Help tab on each page in DegreeWorks. If you need additional assistance, contact the Registrar's Office at

DegreeWorks Instructional Videos for Faculty/Academic Advisors

DegreeWorks FAQ for Faculty/Academic Advisors