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Complaints and Appeals

Submitting Complaints

Submitting Complaints Atlanta Metropolitan State College is committed to maintaining an environment in which complaints are addressed in a fair and collegial manner. This AMSC Complaints and Appeals webpage provides a place to submit a formal, written complaint where a resolution has not been informally reached. The more information that you can provide, the better we can serve you.

Complaint Overview

Atlanta Metropolitan State College is committed to providing a high-quality educational environment and opportunities that are central to an academic community of learning, teaching, research, scholarship, and service. As such, the College strives to be alert to the needs of the College community by maintaining an environment in which complaints and appeals are addressed in an expeditious, fair, and collegial manner. AMSC’s approach to resolving formal written complaints is to direct the matter to the most appropriate office. The personnel of those offices possess the qualifications, experience, and knowledge to manage a formal resolution process as well as to work in a collaborative and confidential manner to reach a resolution for each individual based on the merits of his or her case. Some AMSC offices, such as the Office of Student Conduct, have specific policies and procedures for handling complaints and appeals. In such cases, complaints and appeals are administered accordingly. This page was developed to assist current and prospective students of Atlanta Metropolitan State College in submitting complaints and to direct them to the most effective venue for accurate information and resolution.