AtlantaMetropolitan College


New Faculty Mentoring Program

The AMSC/CETL Faculty Mentoring Program
(a CETL sponsored program)

Goals of AMSC Mentoring Program

  • Assist faculty with career advancement
  • Improve faculty recruitment and retention
  • Improve faculty success with student engagement and retention
  • Increase faculty satisfaction at AMSC
  • Improve productivity and career satisfaction for all faculty

The AMSC Faculty Mentoring Program is a two-level program. There is 1. the New Faculty Mentoring Program and 2. the Adjunct Faculty Mentoring Program.  A detailed description of each program follows:
1.  The New Faculty Mentoring Program:  (borrowed from University of California @ San Francisco w/ modifications: This program is for new 1st year full-time tenure-track faculty and will be for a 1 year duration.  It is designed to put the mentee on a trajectory for professional advancement and achievement.  Each dean will pair a veteran faculty member (mentor) with a new faculty member (mentee).  Considerations for pairing can be based on any or all of the following: discipline compatibility, mutual interests, or interpersonal compatibility. (If for some identifiable reason for which a pairing does not work and which the dean accepts as rational, the dean may select a different mentor for the mentee).