AtlantaMetropolitan College


CETL Teaching/Learning Communities

The AMSC Faculty Teaching/Learning Communities (TLCs) provide faculty and participating staff opportunities to explore collaboratively some of the challenging and/or interesting issues related to the AMSC teaching/learning environment. Each TLC is an autonomous entity and will determine its own goals, objectives, activities, schedule, etc. However, to assure that work is continuous and focused, each TLC should submit a brief monthly progress report to Dr. Liddell indicating the activities and progress that have occurred to date. This report will be due in to Dr. Liddell during the first academic week of each month.

Teaching and Learning Communities (TLCs)

  • Faculty Learning Communities that focus on teaching and learning issues


  • First Generation College Students
  • Controlling Incivility in Learning Support Classes
  • Using MAPLE to Foster Engagement and Collaboration in Mathematics and Engineering
  • Culturally Specific Teaching Methods
  • On Common Ground: A First Year Reading Experience
  • Technology and Student Engagement
  • Integrating Units on Ethics into the Business and Computer Science Program at a Two-Year College
  • Women Hold Up Half th Sky
  • Generation M, the Digital Divide 2.0, and New Media in the 21st Century Basic Writing Courses
  • Exploring Social-Profit Entrepreneurship & Leadership (ExSEL)
  • Study Abroad in Egypt: A Teaching and Learning Opportunity

Professsional Learning Communities (PLC)


Enhancing Customer Service Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness
Instituting Reading Across the College Improving Retention, Progression, Graduation, and Transfer Rates
Creating Loyal Alumni Improving Interactions with the Larger/Surrounding Community
Developing an Institutional Identity Implementing the AMSC Mission
Raising External Funds Improving 34 PT: Student Satisfaction, Enrollment, Student Services, etc)