The Division of Humanities and Fine Arts

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In courses offered by the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA), students examine the human experience through the eyes of writers, philosophers, artists and musicians.

The Division is committed to providing opportunities for students to satisfy their Core Curriculum requirements in English Composition and electives in Humanities and Fine Arts. The Division is sensitive to the needs of individual students and seeks to develop logical thinkers, articulate communicators, vivid readers, accurate writers and analytical listeners. In addition, the Division provides extra-curricular activities, which engage students' creative energies while complementing their academic exercise.

State-of-the-art computer technology used in Division courses encourages students to become computer literate so that they can be successful in an ever-changing global environment.

Division's Mission Statement

The Division of Humanities and Fine Arts (HFA) provides students with multiple opportunities of excellence by engaging them in academic experiences designed to broaden intellectual horizons. Programs provide students with a comprehensive education in theory and practice of historical and contemporary developments in the humanities and fine arts.

Contact Information

Prof. Lisa Mallory, Interim Dean of the Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Location: Academic Building, Room 303
Phone: 404-756-4013

HFA Programs of Study

Bachelor's Program

DMDigital Media and Entertainment Design (B.A.)

Associate's Program

  • General Pathway (AACC Degree)
  • Digital Media (AACC Pathway)
  • Mass Communications (AACC Pathway)


Religious Studies