Joint Enrollment

The primary difference between Joint Enrollment and Dual Enrollment is Joint Enrollment earns college credit only, whereas Dual Enrollment credits count for both high school and college. Joint Enrollment students may be enrolled either part-time or full-time. Joint enrollment is an opportunity for the academically outstanding high school student to enroll as a special undergraduate student. This program is designed to allow superior high school students to utilize AMSC resources to provide extra enrichment and challenge to their junior or senior year. All schedules are subject to the approval of the appropriate high school official and Atlanta Metropolitan State College.

AMSC offers over 46 programs of study and a bachelor's program in Biological Science. As you explore the benefits of a dual enrollment, remember that most associate degrees consist of 60 academic credits, 42 of which are called general education credits, and 18 credits related more specifically to the program that you choose. Joint Enrollment students have all the benefits of any other student such as:

The Admissions Process for Joint Enrollment

Step 1 - Complete the application for admission at and pay the non-refundable $20 application fee.

Step 2 - Submit (1) official copy of the high school transcript showing GPA and credits to date to the Office of Admissions, (2) *Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or ACT Assessment score, and (3) immunization form. These document should be submitted to: Atlanta Metropolitan State College, The Office of Admissions, 1630 Metropolitan Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30310

*Submit Test Scores Electronically.

  • Applicants must submit SAT and/or ACT scores electronically. (Please review minimum requirements below.)
  • Submit SAT scores through Collegeboard.
  • Submit ACT scores through ACT.

SAT Requirements: 530 Verbal (Critical Reading); 530 Math
ACT Requirements: 23 English; 22 Math
GPA Requirements: 3.0

Step 3. For funding, complete the ACCEL Program application form* (Must be completed online at Find out more about the ACCEL program by clicking here.

Contact Information

Mr. Stephen Woodall
Director, Student Outreach and Access