Planning & Assessment Model

The importance of planning and assessment, for any process or activity, should never be underestimated. Consistent and high qualilty planning and assessment is necessary for success. Those who fail to plan, intentionally or not, inevitably plan to fail. Planning and assessment provide a framework to integrate the numerous programs and services at AMSC. At AMSC, the Mission Statement outlays overrall outcomes or results the college endeavors to achieve. The College's Strategic Plan articulates the core goals of the College's Mission Statement. The College's Unit Planning process operationalizes the Strategic Plan, thus allowing AMSC to measure its progress towards achieving its mission. The importance of coordinating and integrating these various components for institutional effectiveness is essential and is a proven best practive strategy for getting results. Following is a outline of AMSC's planning/assessment and scheduling of these activities.

AMSC Planning/Assessment Model




Primary Contact

Mark A. Cunningham, Ph.D.,
Associate Provost, SACSCOC Accreditation Liaison, &
Professor of Organic Chemistry