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Veteran Services

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Veterans Educational Services

The Atlanta Metropolitan State College Veteran Affairs Office assists former service personnel and other students eligible for veterans' educational benefits. The office provides counseling and advisement services as well as certifying enrollment with the Veterans Administration. Eligible students should be prepared to pay the initial costs for tuition and fees since payment of benefits do not begin until six to eight weeks after enrollment. Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid to cover their tuition and fees, if eligible.

Veterans, Reservists, Guardsmen, Dependents, & Spouses (Chapters 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 1606, 1607)

The GI BILL provides educational money to veterans, guardsmen, reservists, spouses and dependents. Students receive a monthly stipend that is based on attendance. Payments can only be made to the students. The amount depends on the number of credit hours in which the student is currently enrolled. Hence, a reduction or stop of payment will be in effect immediately following a student's drop, withdrawal, and/or audit during the term for which enrollment certification has been processed. Payments are made directly to the student from the Department of Veteran Affairs at the end of each month in which your enrollment has been certified.

If a requirement has already been satisfied, Department of Veterans Affairs will not cover the expenses associated with these courses. The student is responsible for notifying the VA Certifying Official if she/he registers for any courses that are not required for his/her declared major. Any overpayment or underpayment that is incurred is the student's responsibility.

Enrollment Certification

Servicemembers Opportunity Colleges (SOC)

Because of its efforts to serve the educational needs of service members and their family members, Atlanta Metropolitan State College has been designated a Servicemembers Opportunity Consortium college. As a member of the SOC Consortium, AMSC fully supports and complies with SOC Principles and Criteria ensuring that:

  • Servicemembers and their family members share in the postsecondary educational opportunities available to other citizens.
  • Servicemembers and their family members are provided with appropriately accredited educational programs, courses and services.
  • Flexibility of programs and procedures particularly in admissions, counseling, credit transfer, course articulations, recognition of nontraditional learning experiences, scheduling, course format and residency requirements are provided to enhance access of service members and their family members to undergraduate education programs


To contact the Veteran Services Coordinator:
Sergeant Major Leander Singletary (Retired)