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Dual Enrollment

The Dual Enrollment program at Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) allows students to take colldualenrollmentimageege course credits which can applied toward both satisfying high school credits and towards a college degree. A list of high school and College course equivalencies can be viewed at this link. Dual Enrollment is a smart way to reduce the price of education, and reduce the time to completing a college degree.

The links below provide information and instructions to enroll at AMSC as a dual enrollment students.

AMSC offers over 46 programs of study and a bachelor's program in Biological Science. As you explore the benefits of a dual enrollment, remember that most associate degrees consist of 60 academic credits, 42 of which are called general education credits, and 18 credits relatd more specifically to the program that you choose. As a dual enrollment students, you have all the benefits of any other student such as:

Contact Information

Mr. Stephen Woodall
Director, Student Outreach and Access