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Strategic Goal Four - Long-term Fiscal Stability
Develop and Implement a plan that increases the College's Long-Term fiscal Stability


The new mission of the College requires additional programs, services, and resources. Current fiscal resources are aligned with the prior AMSC mission, and must realign with the College’s new mission.. To meet the expectations of Atlanta Metropolitan State College’s new mission, long-term fiscal stability and austerity are essential to sustain the College’s physical, academic, student affairs, and strategic objectives.


  1. Strategy 1 - Integrate planning, budgeting, and assessment to support institutional growth and improvement
  2. Strategy 2 - Identify prominent and long-term revenue streams
  3. Strategy 3 - Develop and implement fiscal controls and benchmarks that align with those of peer institutions to ensure long-term growth and stability


(1) Core Revenue/FTE, (2) Core Expense/FTE, (3) Program Revenue/FTE, (4) Tuition/Fees as Percent of Median Income, and (5) Annual Gifts, Grants, and Contracts