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Lastname Firstname Title Phone Number E-mail Department
Singletary Leander Veterans Coordinator Student Affairs
Preston Jasmine Office Manager Upward Bound 404-756-4059 Upward Bound
Smith Cassandra Administrative Secretary Student Affairs 404-756-4585 Student Affairs
Wilkins Amanda Academic Advisor 404-756-3811 The Center for First Year Experience & Academic Advising
Broady Kristen Dean 678-623-1288 Business, Computer Science Division
Dewitt Marvin Academic Advisor 404-756-4046 The Center for First Year Experience & Academic Advising
Primas Lamario Assistant Director 678-623-1184 Financial Aid
Montgomery Michael Conference Center Manager 678-623-1280 Institutional Advancement
Segovia Sandra Liner Server II 404-756-4402 Cafeteria
Hurey Nzinga Deli Line Server 404-756-4402 Cafeteria
Bethea Derek Deli Line Server 404-756-4402 Cafeteria
Athletics Office   Main Number 404-756-4650   Athletics
Business & Computer Science Division   Main Number 404-756-4006   Business & Computer Science
Cafeteria   Main Number 404-756-4402   Cafeteria
Academic Support Center   Main Number 404-756-5690   Academic Support Center
Academic Affairs Office   Main Number 404-756-4443   Academic Affairs
Counseling and Disability Services   Main Number 404-756-4016   Counseling and Disability Services
Educational Opportunities Centers   Main Number 404-756-4966   Educational Oppportunities Center
Custodial Services   Main Number 404-756-4003   Custodial Services
Registrar's Office   Main Number 404-756-4001   Registrar's Office
Admissions Office   Main Number 404-756-4004   Admissions Office
Environmental Health & Safety/RTK   Main Number 404-756-4044   Environmental Health & Safety/RTK
Financial Aid Office   Main Number 404-756-4002   Financial Aid Office
The Center for First Year Experience & Academic Advising   Main Number 404-756-4784 The Center for First Year Experience & Academic Advising
Human Resources Office   Main Number 404-756-4047   Human Resources Office
Humanities and Fine Arts Division   Main Number 404-756-4013   Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Institutional Advancement Dept..   Main Number 404-756-4666   Institutional Advancement Dept..
Institutional Effectiveness Dept..   Main Number 404-756-4654   Institutional Effectiveness Dept..
Plant Operations   Main Number 404-756-4003   Maintenance
Management Information System Office   Main Number 404-756-4052   Management Information System Office
President's Office   Main Number 404-756-4441   President's Office
Public Safety   Main Number 404-756-4477   Public Safety
Science, Math, Health Professions Division   Main Number 404-756-4025   Science, Math, Health Professions Division
Social Sciences Division   Main Number 404-756-4033   Social Sciences Division
Student Activities Office   Main Number 404-756-4916   Student Activities
Student Affairs Office   Main Number 404-756-4585   Student Affairs
Student Outreach & Access Office   Main Number 404-756-2742   Student Outreach and Access Office
Office of Testing Services   Main Number 404-756-4783   Office of Testing Services
Upward Bound Office   Main Number 404-756-4059   Upward Bound Office
Upward Bound /TRIO   Main Number 404-756-4966   Upward Bound/TRIO
Jackson Sasha Administrative Secretary 678-623-1136 Academic Affairs
Heard Miichael Vice President 404-756-4443 Academic Affairs
Stallings Kenneth Coordinator 678-623-1191 Upward Bound
Rawls Delta Senior Secretary 404--756-4013 Humanities and Fine Arts
Sarpong Kwabena Lecturer of Biology 404-756-4025 Science, Math, Health Professions
Rickenbacker Keel Administrative Secretary 678-623-1145 Institutional Advancement
Mirza Faisal Lecturer of Economics 404-756-4006 Business and Computer Science
Matusek Edward Assistant Professor of Religion, Philosophy 404-756-4814 Humanities and Fine Arts
Lam Woon K. Assistant Professor of Mathematics 404-756-4025 Science, Math, Health Professions
Glass Gwendolyn Manager 678-623-1208 Cafeteria
Crawford Brian Assistant Professor of Biology 404-756-4025 Science, Math, Health Professions
McKee Ivan Assistant Coach 404-756-4650 Men's Basketball
Gordon Eddie Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice 404-756-4033 Social Sciences
Gales Attrice Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice 404-756-4033 Social Sciences
Gilliam Kierstin Administrative Assistant 404-756-2742  
Chevalier Franco Diversity Recruiter 404-756-4635 Student Affairs
Hale Roderick Police Officer (Part-time) 404-756-4466 Public safety
Walker Richard Testing Services Assistant 404-756-4783 Testing Services
Nguyen Tuyet College Recruiter 404-756-4635 Student Outreach and Access
Shirley Erica Dual Enrollment Coordinator 404-756-3927  
Williams Dorothy Director 678-623-1205 Counseling and Disability Services
Ward Yolanda Counselor 678-623-1264 Upward Bound
Senalte Pitso Mathematics Lecturer 404-756-4025 Science, Math, Health Professions
Parker Val Lecturer of Music 404-756-3923 Humanities & Fine Arts
Owens Robin Financial Aid Assistant 678-623-1183 Financial Aid
Pinkston Debra Accountant II 678-623-1136 Fiscal Affairs
Nwokocha Cynthia Women's Basketball Coach 404-756-4650 Athletics
Little Tameka Biology Lab Assistant II 404-756-4025 Science, Math, Health Professions
Jang Sungkyu Economics Lecturer 404-756-4006 Business and Computer Science
Emmel Andrea Lecturer of Music 404-756-4693 Humanities and Fine Arts
Bryant Pamela Accounting Lecturer 404-756-3737 Business and Computer Science
Mays Hazel Asst. Professor of Education 404-756-4033 Social Sciences
Traver-Turner Amanda FT-Lecturer in Physical Education 404-756-4033 Social Sciences
Pline Samantha FT-Lecturer in History 404-756-4033 Social Sciences
Akoh Harry Assistant Professor of History 404-756-4716 Social Sciences
Hudson David Assistant Professor of Zoology 404-756-4025 Science, Math, Health Professions
Dowdell James Instructor of Mathematics 404-756-4025 Science, Math, Health Professions
Grier Robert Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences 404-756-4025 Science, Math, Health Professions
Flowe Candice Assistant Professor of Molecular Genetics 678-623-1256 Science, Math, Health Professions
Sanders Vaugh Custodial 1 404-756-4003 Plant Operations
Stallworth Willie Temp FT-Custodial 1 404-756-4003 Plant Operations
Peterson Rhonda Admissions Specialist 678-623-1107 Admissions
Cross Jamila Admissions Specialist 404-756-4004 Admissions
Eves DChristy Assistant Professor of Speech and Theater 404-756-4705 Humanities and Fine Arts
McDavis Chaunda Assistant Professor of English 404-756-4702 Humanities and Fine Arts
Lee Deborah Director 404-756-4059 Upward Bound
McManus Chu Natalie Assistant Professor of Foreign Language 404-756-4701 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Allen Mary Academic Advisor 678-623-1157 The Center for First Year Experience & Academic Advising
Duhart Sharon Interim Director 404-756-2746 The Center for First Year Experience & Academic Advising
Gates Natalie Administrative Assistant 404-756-3813 The Center for First Year Experience & Academic Advising
Frazier Mary Senior Administrative Assistant 678-623-1140 Academic Affairs
Ravi Kokila Assistant Vice President/Prof. of English 678-623-1141 Academic Affairs
Aaron Michelle Office Manager 678-623-1158 Academic Support Center
Barber Herbert Academic Advisor 678-623-1159 Academic Support Center
Brown Brenda Math Tutor 404-756-5690 Academic Support Center
Futa Imora Tutor 404-756-5690 Academic Support Center
Jackson Marie English Tutor 404-756-5690 Academic Support Center
Mendoza Aloma Instructional Assistant 404-756-5690 Academic Support Center
Rawls Regina Coordinator/Instructional Lab Supervisor 404 756 5690 Academic Support Center
Pritchett Robert Athletics Director/Head Basketball Coach 404-756-4650 Athletics
Davis Gloria Library Assistant 404-756-4010 Library
McKee Ivan Assistant Men's Basketball Coach 404-756-4097 Bookstore/Athletics
Ananaba Agu Associate Professor of Business 404-756-4721 Business and Computer Science
Onabanjo Babatunde Associate Professor of Computer Science 404-756-4746 Business and Computer Science
Vasciannie Valerie Senior Secretary 404-756-4443 Business and Computer Science
Tenney Patricia Line Server 404-756-4402 Cafeteria
Hall Kenneth Custodiall I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Hardy Tina Custodial I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
LeMay Danny Custodial I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Lowe Robert Custodial I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Passmore Jeffery Custodial Supervisor 678-623-1229 Custodial Services
Perdue Janniece Custodial III 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Roberts Gerald Custodial I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Smith Gregory Custodial II 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Wilcox James Custodial I 404-756-4003 Custodial Services
Wilcox Michelle Office Manager 678-623-1158  
Hollis Jacqueline Director of EOC 404-756-4966 Educational Opportunities Centers
Nuness Annie Educational Specialist 404-756-2732 Educational Opportunities Centers
Glenn Mona Senior Secretary- Social Sciences Division 404-756-4033 Enrollment Services
Harris Alfreda Admissions Specialist 678-623-1113 Enrollment Services
Kirkland Sharieka Enrollment Assistant 678-623-1110 Enrollment Services
Knight Robin Interim Director of Testing 404-756-4783 Testing Services
Myrick Deborah Assistant Director 678-623-1112 Enrollment Services
Perry Candace Director 678-623-1106 Enrollment Services
Ringfield Michael Data Entry Clerk/Registrar 404-756-4004 Enrollment Services
Thomas Brenda PT Data Entry/Enrollment Registrar 678-623-1121 Enrollment Services
Duggal Sunita Director 678-623-1188 Environmental Health and Safety/RTK
Wilson Jasper Evening Coordinator 404-756-5676 Evening College
Chapman Michelle Director 678-623-1182 Financial Aid
Henderson Jasmin Financial Aid Counselor 678-623-1175 Financial Aid
Morgan Barbara Professor Emeritus 404-756-4025 Science, Math, & Health Professions
Alston-Brown Michelle Associate Vice President 404-756-2744 Fiscal Affairs
Johnson Freddie Vice President 404-756-4442 Fiscal Affairs
Mosby Robin Payroll Assisant II 678-623-1137 Fiscal Affairs
Quiller Constance Accounting Assistant I 678-623-1132 Fiscal Affairs
Strickland Vincent Accounts Payable Specialist 678-623-1135 Fiscal Affairs
Gresham Brandie Procurement/Resource Assistant 678-623-1134 Fiscal Affairs
Manning Barbara Administrative Assistant 678-623-1128 Fiscal Affairs
Rector Benice D. Benefits Coordinator 678-623-1114 Human Resources
Simmons Regina Ray Director 678-623-1115 Human Resources
Benson Silveree FT Temporary English Lecturer 404-756-4692 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Frazier Rutha Assistant Professor of Reading 404-756-4691 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Hildenbrand Joan Professor of Reading 404-756-4669 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Johnson Frank Dean/Associate Professor of Mass Communications 404-756-4013 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Johnson Natasha Special Programs Director 678-623-1268 Institutional Effectiveness
Johnson-Manget Carol FT Temporary English Lecturer 404-756-3924 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Mitchell Shawn Assistant Professor of English 404-756-3919 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Mallory Lisa Dept Head/ Professor of English 404-756-4700 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
Sweet Jason Dept Head/Assistant Professor of Art 404-756-4703 Humanities and Fine Arts Division
James Shelia Administrative Secretary 404-756-4666 Counseling and Disability Services
Williams Larion Vice President 404-756-4666 Institutional Advancement
Cunningham Mark Vice President 404-756-4654 Institutional Effectiveness
Scott Deborah Customer Service Specialist 404-756-2762 Institutional Effectiveness
Chambers Tarita Access Librarian 678-623-1153 Library
Harmon Carolyn Library Assistant III 678-623-1150 Library
Quarles Robert Director 678-623-1240 Library
Sanders James Research Analyst 678-623-1149 Institutional Effectiveness
Beasley Charles Maintenance Foreman 404-756-4003 Maintenance
Chatman Jesse Skilled Trades Worker 404-756-4003 Maintenance
Ector Moses Director 678-623-1283 MELELA Program
Slone Nathan Skilled Trades Worker 404-756-4003 Maintenance
Powers Tichina Database Specialist 404-756-4052 Management Information System
Jones Ronald Information Systems Audiovisual Specialist 404-756-4052 Management Information System
Travis Antonio Chief Information Officer 404-756-4023 Management Information System
Tenney Shelia Director 404-756-4012 Media Relations
Eddins Charles Network Manager 678-623-1104 Management Information System
Rice Hazel Secretary 678-623-1228 Plant Operations & Facilities Planning
Williams Keith Director 404-756-4470 Plant Operations & Facilities Planning
Hopson DeLise Executive Assistant 678-623-1126 President's Office
McGaha Gary President 404-756-4440 President's Office
Rigsby Twana Secretary to the President 678-623-1125 President's Office
Smith Tanshanika Auditor 404-756-2721 President's Office
Long Antonio Director /Chief of Police 678-623-1201 Public Safety
Wells Karen Lieutenant 404-756-4477 Public Safety
McMillan Elridge AMSC Scholar in Residence 404-756-4404 Scholar in Residence
Pope Stanley Admin Asst./Central Receiving Clerk 404-756-4404 Scholar in Residence
Barber Jennifer Assistant Professor of Chemistry 404-756-2792 Science, Math, Health Professions
Buttone Earnestine PT Laboratory Assistant 404-756-5692 Science, Math, Health Professions
Chivukula Vasanta Assistant Professor of Biology 404-756-4742 Science, Math, Health Professions
Choi Gyuheui Associate Professor of Mathematics 404-756-4739 Science, Math, Health Professions
Daphney Cedrick Chemisry Lab Coordinator 404-756-3789 Science, Math, Health Professions
Desai Shreyas Assistant Professor of Mathematics 404-756-4781 Science, Math, Health Professions
Rollings Meda QEP Director 678-623-1148 Institutional Effectiveness
Stallings Kenneth Counselor 678-623-1191 Upward Bound
Harmon Alvin Interim Dept. Head/Assoc. Professor of Biology 404-756-4056 Science, Math, Health Professions
Mitchell Bryan Interim Associate VP /Assoc. Professor of Biology 404-756-4443 Academic Affairs
Patterson Joseph Associate Professor of Mathematics & Physics 404-756-4748 Science, Math, Health Professions
Lettsome Clyde Physics Lab Coordinator 404-756-4028 Science, Math, Health Professions
Altemus James Director 404-756-4359 ADR & Judicial Affairs
Nwokocha Cynthia Women's Basketball Coach 404-756-4650 Athletics
Baldwin Leroy Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 404-756-4710 Social Sciences Division
Dorsey William Assocate Professor of Sociology 404-756-4709 Social Sciences Division
Frazer Ricardo Associate Professor of Psychology 404-756-4707 Social Sciences Division
Geisert Michelle Assistant Professor of Sociology 404-756-4711 Social Sciences Division
George Dion Lecturer in Political Science 404-756-4033 Social Sciences Division
Gray Vance Interim Dean/Assistant Professor of Political Science 404-756-4033 Social Sciences Division
Haberman Joann Lecturer in Psychology 404-756-4033 Social Sciences Division
Todd Curtis Associate Professor of Social Work 404-756-2749 Social Sciences Division
Kowal Jonathan Assistant Professor of Physical Education 404-756-3895 Social Sciences Division
Lamar Geraldine Senior Secretary 678-623-1162 Social Sciences Division
McCray Kenja Dept Head/Associate Professor of History 404-756-4715 Social Sciences Division
Van Putten Aline Professor of Teacher Education 404-756-4706 Social Sciences Division
Wilkes Robert Assistant Professor of Political Science 404-756-2747 Social Sciences Division
Clark Leotis Assistant Director 404-756-4485 Student Activities
Jones Joe Ann Officer Manager 678-623-1220 Student Activities
Shanklin Iris Director 678-623-1221 Student Activities
Evers Cynthia Vice President 404-756-4585 Student Affairs
Luster Jeanette Admin Secretary/Intl Student Advisor 678-623-1215 Student Affairs
Gourdine Kristin College Recruiter 404-756-4587 Student Outreach & Access
Woodall Stephen Director 404-756-4635 Student Outreach & Access
Bennett Christopher Director 404-756-2737 Student Support Services
Thomason Morgan Counselor 404-756-2741 Student Support Services
Curry William Director 404-756-4789 Talent Search
Byrd Carol Coordinator of Testing Services 678-623-1202 Testing Services
Strong Tamese Secretary 404-756-4783 Testing Services
Jacobs Thomasina Senior Secretary 404-756-4059 Upward Bound
Jean Ruth Director 404-756-4059 Upward Bound
King Sabrina Counselor 404-756-4060 Upward Bound
Smith Tracey L. HR Assistant II 678-623-1117 Human Resources
Guy Crystal Office Manager 678-623-1233 Upward Bound Thomaston
Ramos Kenneth Educational Specialist 404-756-2729 Upward Bound Thomaston
Smith Patricia Coordinator 678-623-1154 Weekend College
Clay Franda Computer Science Lecturer 404-756-3736 Business and Computer Science
James Frankesha Admissions Specialist 404-756-4004 Enrollment Services
Nwaogu Eze Assoc. Professor of Information Tech 404-756-4718 Business and Computer Science
Richardson Norma L. Director 404-756-2729 Upward Bound Math/Science
Stackhouse Latoya Interim Director Upward Bound Thomaston 404-756-2731 lstackhouse Upward Bound Thomaston
Taylor Gary Security Officer 404-756-4777 Public Safety