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Employee of the Month

We acknowledge and celebrate the successes of our employees with The Employee of the Month Excellence Award in recognition of employeeofmonthoutstanding performance by AMSC administrators, faculty, and staff who have contributed to the mission and goals of the College and who exemplify the values of AMSC. Each month an outstanding faculty member and an outstanding staff member will be recognized.

The Award

  • Parking spaces designated for "Faculty of the Month" and "Staff of the Month"
  • Certificate of recognition
  • Free Lunch in the Cafeteria for 1 week
  • Recognition at end of year (to culminate with Employee Appreciation Luncheon; and, eventually the employee of the year)  


The objectives of this recognition are to create positive role models and to identify noteworthy accomplishments of valuable employees.


All AMSC full-time administrators, faculty, and staff are eligible for nomination as Employee of the Month.  The nominated employee must have satisfactory or above satisfactory performance on Performance Evaluations and no outstanding disciplinary actions within the current fiscal year.   An employee may not receive the award more than twice per fiscal year.

Selection Criteria

Employees recognized with this award will have made a significant contribution to the College clearly beyond the scope of the assigned responsibilities and duties of their position under one or more of the following categories:

  • Innovative Idea
  • Team Effort
  • Problem Solving
  • Customer Service
  • Leadership
  • Exceptional Interaction with Students

Examples of specific employee contributions to AMSC that may be considered

  • Fiscal responsibility - accomplishing savings in cost and/or timenominate
  • Mentoring/Leadership – showing willingness to assist others to do their jobs better
  • Results-oriented - going the extra mile to meet a critical deadline or deliverable
  • Initiative - demonstrating extraordinary resourcefulness and the ability to act and make sound decisions without direction from others
  • Collaboration - demonstrating outstanding teamwork in the achievement of AMSC or department objectives 
  • Attitude - keeping a consistently positive attitude toward fellow staff, faculty and students despite workload demands
  • Creativity - applying innovation or creativity to job duties
  • Service - providing inspired service to students, faculty, staff and/or the public that goes beyond what is expected
  • Inclusion - significantly furthering diversity goals and/or making a major contribution in promoting an inclusive work environment
  • Stewardship - implementing a process or taking some action which significantly reduces risk at AMSC
  • Role Model- providing an example to others within or outside of their department


Nominations for recognition can be made by any AMSC administrator, staff member, faculty member or student. Nomination forms must be approved by the employee's immediate supervisor. Deadline for nominations will be on the 15th of each month beginning November 2012. Please click the "Nominate Now!" button above and make your nomination today. Thank you.

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