Atlanta Metropolitan State College



Mel Anais-EmmanuelleAnais

Chemistry Faculty & Laboratory Coordinator

M.S., Analytical Chemistry, Georgia State University (GSU) 2014-2015
M.S., Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry, St. John’s University (SJU) 2009-2012 A.S., Pre-Professional, Georgia Perimeter College (GPC) 2007-2008
B.S., Chemistry,University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) 2001-2006

Atlanta Metropolitan State College
Office: McMillian Academic Sciences Building, Room 207
Phone: (404) 756-3789

List of Courses Taught
CHEM 1211, CHEM 1212, CHEM 1151, CLAB 1151, 1152, CLAB 1152, CLAB 1211, CLAB 1212, CLAB 2241, and CLAB 2242

Academic Research Interest

Amrep Inc. & ZEP Inc., Quality Control Lab-Chemist 2015
Quality Control – Lab management; Production decision based on line check for overfill; Analyze incoming raw materials for moisture and specific gravity; Conduct quality control testing for finished products; Review technical documents for ensuring quality control specification and tests methods; Prepare certificate of analysis for raw materials received for each shipment; Follow general waste management disposal procedures and OSHA regulations
Raw Material Analysis – review and test spec data in addition to moisture and specific gravity testing
Compound Batch Testing – moisture, specific gravity, pH, % solid, Fuchsin Acid moisture, RI, viscosity, alkalinity/titration, oil-out/water-in
Product Testing – HPLC & GC spec data analysis, method development, calibration curves, active agent percentile verification/correction Performance Testing – S/O rate, color, odor, appearance, texture, function, crimp depth, crimp diameter, valve, spray tip, stem length, pressure
Products – Aerosols
Instrumentation – FTIR, HPLC & GC

Georgia State University, Graduate Assistantship & Masters Research 2014-2015
Biotechnical Training – ETS Family Polymerization (use of PCR, Agarose Gel, Nanodrop, & Illuminator); Cell Culturing & Cell Infection (Ebola & Influenza Virus)
Masters Research Projects – Forster Resonance Energy Transfer Studies (FRET Pairs with Fluorescent Dyes) & Reverse Micelles in Diagnostics
Instrumentation – Nuclear Resonance Spectroscopy, UV-Visible Spectroscopy, Fluorometer Spectroscopy, Chromatography (TLC, HPLC & GCMS)
Teaching – Problem Solving in Quantitative Chemical Analysis & Organic Chemistry I, General Chemistry Supplemental Instruction & Laboratory

St. John’s University, Medicinal Chemistry Masters Research 2010-2012
Masters Research Projects – The design and synthesis of TRPV1 Antagonists and the synthesis of OSI-930 analogues
Synthesis & Instrumentation – TLC monitoring, Column Separation, Crystallization/Precipitation, NMR & GCMS
Independent Study in Genetics – The Study of Biomarkers Discovery and Uses in Medicinal Chemistry Pharmaceutical Sciences (PHS) Doctoral Seminar Attendant, and Biotechnology Seminar Attendant
PHS Department/Toxicology Division – Inspector Tox (Volunteer) & Journal Club Attendant under Dr. Hardej

Georgia Perimeter College Undergraduate Development 2007-2008
Department of Biology, Undergraduate Independent Research (2008) – Marine Science, Sapalo Islands, a study of diverse marine habitats & species
Department of Mathematics, Math Club (2008) – Calculus Intense Problem Solving

University of Alabama at Birmingham Scientific Training 2002 -2005
Department of Chemistry, Undergraduate Independent Research (2005) – UAB Medical School Project in Protein Sequencing & Modeling Department of Orthopedics (OJRC), UAB Hospital, Clerical Work Front Office (2004) – Administrative and Medical Assistant support Department of Chemistry, Teacher Assistant (2003) – Instructed undergraduates students the fundamentals of a chemistry laboratory
Office of Undergraduate Retention Initiatives, Supplemental Instructor Leader in Mathematics (2002) – Helped students think and formulate new methods to study, learn, and review course material more efficiently
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Administrative and Technical Assistance (2002) – Assisted Dr. Xi’s group of doctors and students during training program with research and data entry

Educational Preparation:
Doctor of Education, April 2014
Argosy University/Atlanta (School of Education), Atlanta, GA

Major: Instructional Leadership
Concentration: Higher Education
Dissertation Title: Remedial Mathematics Courses: Predictors of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Students’ Performance In An Urban Georgia Community College.

Georgia State University Chemistry Department Symposium 2015 Patonay, G., Henary, M., Mel, A., Messinger, M.D., Myers, K.Z. (February 2015) A FRET-based Study in Measuring TRPV-1 Activity. Presented at Georgia State University Symposium 2015, Department of Chemistry.

Saint John’s University Department of Toxicology 2011 Dr. Hardej et. Al (September 2011) Inspector Tox Returns. Mid-Atlantic Society of Toxicology (MASOT) Newsletter, pg. 4