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Complete College Georgia (CCG) is a statewide initiative with the overall goal of increasing the number of college graduates in Georgia by 250,000 by the year 2020. Complete College Georgia is part of a larger national intiative called Complete College America. Atlanta Metropolitan State College (AMSC) joins the efforts of other USG institutions and colleges nationwide to increase the number of college graduates. The information below provides additional resources and contact information on how you can get involved and make a difference. CCG

Complete College Georgia Current 2018 Plan

Progress Made - 56% Net Increase in Degrees Conferred over 6 Years


Annual AMSC Updates and USG Report Guidelines

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Get Involved.

For information how you can contribute to this effort and get involved, contact an AMSC CCG Leadership Team Member:

Mark A. Cunningham, CCG Chair and Vice President, Institional Effectiveness
Sharon Duhart, Interim Director, First Year Experience and Advising Center
Kimberly Grimes-Solomon, Vice President, Student Affairs
Michael Heard, Vice President, Academic Affairs
Dante Durbin-Davis, SGA President
Curtis Todd, Associate Professor, Social Sciences Division