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Atlanta Metropolitan State College is a proud partner of the Georgia FinTech Academy. Fintech (Financial Technology) is Georgia's fastest growing business sector. Fintech, a segment of the financial services industry, uses new technology to lower the cost and decrease time of financial transactions.In Georgia, more than 40,000 people are employed in fintech, which generates more than $72 billion in annual revenue.

The Georgia FinTech Academy will prepare individuals to enter fintech or transition from another career through degree programs, executive and continuing education, and apprenticeships and internships providing the practical experience required by employers.

Continued growth and expansion of Georgia’s fintech sector is predicated on meeting an escalating demand for talent, including producing 5,000 new hires by 2020 - 95 percent of whom must possess industry-specific functional experience.

FINTECH Program Information


The FINTECH Curriculum

FINTECH expands on the USG’s existing portfolio of associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. It includes 18 hours of coursework - 12 hours in upper-division level courses and six hours in experiential learning such as internships or in-the-field experiences - in addition to 42 hours of general education coursework.

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Dr. Vincent Mangum, Dean, Division of Business and IT
Advisor @ Atlanta Metropolitan State College