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Welcome from the Division of Student Affairs

Dear Scholars:

With the College’s mission as our guide, our goal is to assist you in having a transformational educational experience that will forever change your life. Our programs, services, and facilities create a supportive environment that enhances your personal development and learning.

Our goal is to enlarge the AMSC classroom by seamlessly complement the College’s thriving academic programs in ways that encourage your engagement and development within the AMSC community. Our state-of-the-art Edwin C. Thompson Student Activity Center is a hub of activity for our students and offers dining facilities, spaces for studying, inquiry, discovery, leadership development, activism, civic participation, social engagement, wellness and lots of room to socialize. In addition, there are numerous clubs and organizations, opportunities for volunteer and community service activities, trips to events and nearby festivities, and lots more.

I encourage you to become an engaged and involved student so you can fully appreciate all that AMSC has to offer. Please visit to learn how you can get involved on campus. And make sure you stay connected through social media and AMSC e-mail to get all the latest and up-to-date information on what’s happening on campus!

We look forward to meeting you and your family during your time here. Please feel free to contact our offices at any time to let us answer your questions and hear your ideas and suggestions for our community. We are committed to your success. If you find that you need support, guidance, or just a simple answer to a question during this journey, the student affairs staff, along with the entire faculty and staff of this institution, are ready and anxious to help you as best they can.

I also encourage you to use the AMSC Student Handbook as a primary resource for your engagement and understanding of the policies that will guide your matriculation and development. It will provide a wealth of information about available resources, student responsibilities and rights, and the processes we use when those rights are abridged or responsibilities are unfulfilled. Keep this web document handy, where you can easily access it, for it is a truly great resource. Wear your Trailblazer Red & Black with pride!

Believe, Begin, Become,

Dr. Maria A. Lumpkin
Vice President for Student Affairs (Interim)

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