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Atlanta Metropolitan State College is pleased to provide a high quality single card system that enables faculty, staff, and students easy access and convenience to all card services. As a commitment to customer satisfaction, AMSC is dedicated to providing its constituencies efficiencies through cutting-edge technology and quality services. The information on this webpage and links on side menu provides information about the AMSC TrailBlazer Card Services.

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Card Services Hours of Operation

  • Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 5:15 p.m.,

Trailblazer Card Services

Location:Thompson Student Center, 2nd Floor Lobby

Lisa Bynum
Card Services Assistant

prevent fraud

Check your Campus Cash Account (also called your Money Network Account). To access your account, go to or download the mobile app at to monitor transactions on your account.

If you find unauthorized charges or activities on your account:

1. Call Money Network Customer Service at 800-822-4283 to report your card as stolen. You will not be held liable for any fradulent charges, if you report these changes in a timely manner.

2. Visit your AMSC Trailblazer Card Services Office to be re-carded.