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Admissions Placement Test Requirements

Minimum scores on the College's placement test, COMPASS, are required for admissions to Atlanta Metropolitan State College, and all University of System Institutions. College admission requires the following scores in all areas, Math, English, and Reading.

Minimum COMPASS Scores Required for College Admission
Math 20
English 32
Reading 62

Students who are admitted must score above the following minimum scores in order to exempt learning support courses, which are courses designed to prepare students for success in college-level courses.

Minimum COMPASS Scores to *Exempt Learning Support Classes
Math 37
English 60
Reading 74
*Minimum SAT and ACT Scores to Exempt learning Support Classes
Math 400 (SAT) or 17 (ACT)
Reading 430 (SAT) or 17 (ACT)
*Note: Students must also satisfy a College Preparatory Curriculum (CPC) in English and Math to Exempt LS Courses.

Students admitted to the College who do not exempt learning support will be placed into learning support classes based on the following COMPASS scores.

Learning Support (LS) Placement Based on COMPASS Scores
LS Math 0097 20-29
LS Math 0099 30-36
LS English 32-59
LS Reading 62-73

Click here for more information on the College's Learning Support program.




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