Atlanta Metropolitan State College


Maintaining Eligibility (SAP)


The Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended by Congress in 1980, mandates institutions of higher education to establish minimum standards of "satisfactory academic progress" for students receiving financial aid. All students receiving financial aid from federal, state or institutional sources must conform to the College definition of satisfactory progress. All students will be held responsible for this information.

Each student's academic progress will be monitored upon the initial financial aid award for each academic year and each time the award is adjusted or updated thereafter. At a minimum, academic progress will be measured at least once per academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer).

Please be aware that financial aid is awarded based on the number of hours you enroll. If you or your instructor fail to notify the Financial Aid Office that you have not attended a class or classes, but received financial aid based on your registration, your financial aid will be adjusted and you will be responsible for paying your balance. No future financial aid will be disbursed to your student account until you have satisfied any pass balances due. Below are the criteria to maintain SAP.

All students should maintain a minimum of the following GPA of 2.0

In addition to the GPA requirement students must also complete 67% of all hours attempted. Please be aware that withdrawals including hardship withdrawals, incomplete, repeat classes and IP's count as attempted hours in the SAP calculation. Federal guidelines mandate that a student cannot receive more than 150% of the total number of credit hours required to obtain the student's degree. The total number of hours is determined based on the student's major. For example, a student whose major is Pre-Nursing cannot receive financial aid for more than 99 total credit hours.


Students enrolled in Learning Support and/or regents' classes are eligible to receive financial aid until they have attempted 28 semester credit hours. If a student is enrolled in Learning Support and/or regents classes after the 28 hours limit, the student must pay for those classes out of pocket. All classes will count in the SAP calculation.