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College Placement & Learning Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is college placement? Placement is the assignment of students to learning support and/or college level courses. Students who are not exempt from COMPASS placement based on ACT, SAT scores, or college transfer credit are required to take the COMPASS Placement Exam.. Take the COMPASS Placement Exam seriously.

What are the COMPASS placement cut- off scores? Click here for the COMPASS placement cut-off scores. Students who are not CPC deficient in English and have a Critical Reading score of 430 or higher on the national SAT or an English score of 17 orLS higher on the national ACT are exempt from the English and Reading placement test. Students who are not CPC deficient in Mathematics and have a Math score of 400 or higher on the national SAT or a Math score of 17 or higher on the national ACT are exempt from the placement test in Mathematics.

Do students have options if they need reviews for the COMPASS Test? Yes. Atlanta Metropolitan State College has a program designed to prepare students in English, Math, and Reading for success on the COMPASS test. The program is called Pre-Matriculation or Pre-MAT. A similar workshop, called Post-MAT, is available for learning support students who need additional support. Click here for more information on Pre-MAT and Post-MAT workshops.

What is Learning Support? The Learning Support (LS) Program is a Board of Regents initiated program of courses and advisement designed to help students build the foundational skills needed for success in college-level courses. Students enrolling in Learning Support courses will have a program of study specifically designed to fulfill their unique learning needs.

What learning support courses are offered? Learning Support courses are offered in three discipline areas: English, Reading and Mathematics. The course offerings are:

ENGL 0099, READ 0099, MATH 0097 & MATH 0099. Click here to review the AMC Catalog online for course descriptions.

What grades are assigned in L.S.?

  • The passing grades for Learning Support courses are A*, B*, or C*.
  • The grade “IP” indicates progress, but is not a passing grade; the course must be repeated.
  • Students successfully completing the exit level (0099) class requirements must also pass the Compass Exit Exam in order to satisfy Board of Regents’ and Atlanta Metropolitan College exit requirements.

No matter the grade, Learning Support courses do not count toward GPA or degree credit. However, attempts in LS classes will affect your Financial Aid.

What are “attempts”? Attempts are the number of times a student has enrolled in an LS course and received any grade except W*.  Grades of A*, B*, C* are successful attempts indicating the student has passed the class.  Grades of F, IP, WF are unsuccessful attempts and require that the course be repeated.

How many “attempts” can I have? Three attempts in Math and two attempts in Reading and English 

How do I get an appeal? Beginning August 2012, there will be no appeals and students must have exited Reading and English by their 2nd attempt and Mathematics by their 3rd attempt or face a 1-year suspension.)

What are the 20 and 30-Hour Rule? A student who has a LS Reading or English requirement must complete all LS requirements by the time the student accumulates 20 semester hours of transfer credit. A student who has a LS Mathematics requirement must complete all LS requirements by the time the student accumulates 30 semester hours of transfer credit. Once a student reaches the 20 or 30 hour threshold of transfer credit at the college, the student may enroll only in the required LS course(s).

(Do LS students need advisement each term? All LS students must be advised each term before they register.

Learning Support Office Contact Information

Dr. Curtis Bailey, Director
Office: S-154