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Advantages of CLEP:

CLEP (College Level Examination Program) allows students to take advantage of earning college credit as long as the examinee receives qualifying scores on any of the examinations CLEP has to offer. We welcome military personnel.

Payment & Registration:

Please follow these guidelines prior to testing:

CLEP examinees must contact the Office of Testing Services at least 14 business days prior to test date for registration.

After contacting the Office of Testing Services, the examinee will need to register through My Account on the College Board website by going to

My Account is a self serve feature which allows you to register for CLEP exams, and purchase study materials all in one place.

Once you have confirmed your test date & time with the Office of Testing Services, you will need to be prepared to make two separate payments. The first payment is the $80 fee for the exam which paid through My Account services. The second payment will be for Institution Administrative Services which is $25 and must be payable by Master card, Visa, Discover, cash or money order which is accepted at Atlanta Metropolitan State College prior to testing. Please report to the Library building at the cashier window, located on the first floor to make & receive your receipt of $25.

Visit to view test descriptions and and/or download a CLEP sampler.

Attention Please Note:

Prior to CLEP registration we strongly advise AMSC students and non-AMSC students to speak with your Office of Registrar or appropriate Academic Division so that you will sign up for appropriate test(s).

AMSC students and non-AMSC students with documented disabilities who require accommodations should speak with their Office of Disability Services at least 14 business days prior to test administration.

Prior to test administration it is the examinee's responsibility to select the institution to which scores must be sent. This service will be available on My Account.

Please allow approximately 3 weeks for the scores to be processed by our Office of Registrar after your test administration (if you have chosen for your scores to be sent to AMSC).

Examinees may repeat the same CLEP exam of the same subject area within 3 months of the initial test date.

Test Administration:

It is mandatory that you bring one form of ID & registration ticket on test day. For instance, a government-issued ID card, such as a driver's license or passport, with picture and signature will be acceptable (expired ID will not be accepted).

Examinees needing to take a math exam or an exam that may require a calculator may use only the calculator provided in the test software.

The college code for Atlanta Metropolitan State College is 5725.
To examine a list of scores needed to earn credit here at AMSC please click here:


Parking Instructions

Please park in the Green Lot. Parking is not allowed in the reserved, numbered or visitor parking spaces. The Office of Testing Services will provide you a decal.


For additional questions regarding the Testing Services at Atlanta Metropolitan State College, please call (404)-756-4783.