Atlanta Metropolitan State College



Kwan Lam, Ph.D.Lam

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.S., University of East Asia (Mathematics)
M.S.., University of North Texas (Mathematics)
Ph.D., Southern Methodist University (Mathematics)

Department of Mathematics
Atlanta Metropolitan State College
Phone: 404-756-4720
Office: Science Lecture Building, Room 172

List of Courses Taught
Math0097 Introductory Algebra I, Math0099 Introductory Algebra II, Math0988 Foun of Mathematical Model QEP, Math1111 College Algebra, Math1113 Precalculus, Math1114 Elementary Statistics, Math2201 Analytic, Geometry & Calculus I, Math2202 Analytic Geometry & Calculus II, Math2203 Analytic Geometry & Calculus III, Math2204 Introduction to Differential Equations, Math2208 Linear Algebra, Math3105 Mathematical Control Theory, Math3300 Real Analysis I, Math4500 Complex Analysis, Math4550 Combinatorics, Math4650 Advanced Differential Equations

Research Interest
Discrete dynamical systems and Graph Theory.