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An internship is a supervised on-site experience where students can participate in a real world job before graduation. Internships give students the opportunity, through hands-on experience, to determine if a particular career is the right choice. Emplinternshipsoyers indicate that they hire approximately 32% of their interns as full-time employees. And over half of new hires in the nation have had some type of internship experience.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness offers services to assist students in finding internship opportunities. Internships are available in a wide range of areas. Some are paid internhsips and others are unpaid internships. Some internships provide academic credit, while others so not. These arrangements will be worked out by the student's academic divisions. Resources are provided below to assist with internship opportunities.

Complete the Internship Process

  • Step 1. Schedule a meeting with an Internship Coordinator
    (Contact Information Below) to better understand and explore
    internship opportunities. Complete the Internship
    self-assessment to determine your work values, interests, skills
    and connect them to the best internship opportunities.
  • Step 2. If the internship of interest involves academic credit,
    schedule a meeting with the appropriate academic Dean
    learn how the internships for credit process works.
  • Step 3. An Internship Coordiinator will assist you in
    making the appropriate contacts and completing the
    internship request application.
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    Internship Opportunities

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Contact Information

Nicholas Bridges, Special Programs Coordinator
Department of Institutional Effectiveness
Phone: 678-623-1268

DiYanna Jiles, Special Programs Assistant
Phone: 678-623-1281