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We renew, recharge, and recommit our efforts to provide faster, friendlier, and easier customer service to students, employees, and the community by focusing on the needs of the customer, simplifying processes and using resources efficiently to increase student and employee satisfaction, graduation, and retention rates.

How do we continue our efforts to focus on the customer?

  • Through each and every interaction with students, parents, alumni, AMSC employees, and its other stakeholders, we must choose to make a positive impression on everyone we serve.
  • The quality of service we deliver must meet or exceed our customer's expectation and we must continually strive to create a customer-focused culture throughout AMSC to increase student and employee satisfaction and retention.

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AMSC Customer Service and Process Improvement Awards

Employees going over and above to provide outstanding customer service deserve recognition for their efforts. So, nominate any full-time AMSC employee for the AMSC Customer Service and Process Improvement Awards in the following categories:

" One of the key drivers of customer satisfaction is employee satisfaction. “Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” For satisfied employees, good customer service is a habit.."

         Deborah Webb, USG Director of Process Improvement and Customer Service